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Food and Beverage

On our Food and Beverage side, we own and operate name brand concepts through franchise licensee agreements in non-traditional locations including airports and military installations. Our franchise concepts include Chili’s, Cantina Laredo, Maggiano's Little Italy, Campisi's, Pizza Hut, Campisi's and Whataburger. Our airport stores are located inside the DFW International, Houston IAH and Dallas Love Field Airports. 

In addition to our airport locations, we also own and operate Chili's Grill and Bar on the Norfolk Naval Station in Norfolk, VA and on the Fort Hood Army Installation.

 Innovative Technology Stores


The Amazon Grab & Fly features Amazon technology the latest in grab-and-go or frictionless technology. Customers simply walk in, grab a snack or fresh prepared food item, and then walk out. Items are charged on the credit card they swiped when entering the location. 

Convenience Mixed Use Gas Stations

Our Convenience Store division includes two mixed-use Shell service stations at DFW International Airport.  Each is equipped with ten gas/diesel dispensing units. Blue Star Mart is located at the north entrance to DFW International Airport and sits on three acres.   DFW Mart is a two-acre facility at the south entrance to the airport, adjacent to the consolidated rent-a-car facility and the DFW Airport Headquarters.

Both Shell locations also include a Whataburger Restaurant offering hot and fresh burgers made "just like you like it" for travelers on the go.

Specialty Retail

Our Retail division includes several Dallas Cowboys Pro Shops located inside the DFW International Airport as well as our new Amazon Grab & Fly. 

We have a long term joint venture partnership with the Dallas Cowboys with several of our locations in addition to our retail establishments.




Did you know that Star Concessions Limited with partnership affiliates generate close to $100 million of revenue per year? That's right! Below is a little about our company and concepts we currently own and operate. Since 1995 we have opened more than 100 locations in several airports and other non-traditional locations across the country and continue to bring high quality food, specialty retail and great service to the traveling guest. ​


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Operations

Since November of 1995, Gilbert Aranza, through Star Concessions, Ltd. and its affiliates, have been one of the largest operator of food and beverage concessions at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (“DFW”) owning and operating name branded specialty retail stores, quick service, full service and fine dining restaurants.  

These concepts have and still include many brands such as Cantina Laredo, Cool River Cafe, Maggiano's Little Italy, Whataburger, Pizza Hut and Chili's. Our restaurant locations have won more guest service and white glove cleanliness awards than any other DFW Airport concessionaire.

In 2001, Mr. Aranza built and since then has operated two convenience store/service stations at DFW in partnership with an affiliate of the Dallas Cowboys. The first is a two-acre facility at the south airport entrance featuring a 3,500 square foot convenience store, a Whataburger restaurant and drive-thru, and ten Shell gas dispensing units. The second is located at the north airport entrance featuring a 3,500 square foot convenience store, a Whataburger restaurant and drive-thru.

Through a joint venture partnership with HMS Host International we own and operate eight Starbucks Coffee and Business Centers located at each of the Skylink train stations and have operated these units since 2005. These unique units features state-of- the-art internet connections (including wireless), a business center with a lounge area, and a full Starbucks Coffee unit. In addition, an affiliate of Star Concessions Limited converted five other units at DFW to Starbucks Coffee stores, also in partnership with HMS Host. The partnership also own and operates Maggiano's Little Italy, Sonnie Bryan's Bar-B-Q, Love Shack burgers, and Wing Stop.


Dallas Love Field Operations (through Air Star Concessions, Ltd.)


Since February 1, 1995 Gilbert Aranza, through Air Star Concessions, Ltd. (formerly Dallas Love Field Joint Venture, Ltd.), operates the food and beverage concessions and shoe shine operations at Dallas Love Field Airport. Current concepts include Chili’s, Cantina Laredo, Whataburger, Campisi’s, Maggiano's Little italy, Hops & Grapes Mini-Bars, Dallas Cowboys' Bar and Star Polish. These concepts are very high volume and most generate upwards of $90k per week in gross revenue.

In partnership with HMS Host International, Inc., Gilbert Aranza also owns and operates (Chick-Fil-A, Paciugo Gelateria, two Starbucks, La Madeleine and Cool River Cafe), and three retail units in partnership with World Duty Free Group (Creative Kids, D Magazine and Texas Monthly newsstands).


George Bush Intercontinental Airport (through Air Star Concessions, Ltd.)

In partnership with Paradies Lagardere and Air Star Concessions, Ltd., we have operated a Whataburger at IAH Airport since June 2013. Whataburger is a Texas favorite and has been a big hit in the IAH Airport drawing travelers and airport employees to Terminal B to have a great tasting burger "Just like you like it"!

Military Installation Development (through Military Restaurants, Inc.)

We have a strong relationship with the United States military with a goal to provide name brand, full service casual dining restaurants. Through a partnership with Messrs, Platt and Hickok, Military Restaurant Holdings opened the first Chili's on a military installation in 2009 at the Norfolk Naval Station in Norfolk, VA. Since then we opened another Chili's on the Fort Hood Army Installation. We look forward to future projects at U.S. Military branches in the future.

Other Food and Beverage Operations

In 2000 Gilbert Aranza was selected by Mr. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys Football Club, to operate the alcoholic beverage concessions at Texas Stadium, which was the home to many local functions, including the Dallas Cowboys’ football games prior to the opening (2009) of the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium in Arlington, Texas.

In addition, in 2012, the City of Dallas selected an affiliate of Gilbert Aranza, AHB, Ltd., and its partner, CenterPlate, to be the food and beverage provider to the Dallas Convention Center (through 2022), the nation’s seventh busiest convention center. Gross annual sales generated at the Dallas Convention Center range from $8,000,000 to $12,000,000. That contract was previously held for ten years by another joint venture comprised of an affiliate of Mr. Aranza and CenterPlate.





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